(Click here to download the current version)

The downloaded material is a *.zip file called bul.zip, when you open that file you are faced with two files

1- The bul.exe: The downloaded off-line version (The neurology bulletin downloadable). Double click on that file to open the off-line neurology bulletin and read it

2- autorun.inf

The online version of the neurology bulletin downloadable is not designed to be read online, simply have an idea about the main headlines then download it and read it off-line. If you want to get the CD-ROM version, please contact the author, It is free of charge.

The downloaded offline version (The neurology bulletin downloadable): The bul.exe, Which is the downloaded software or the electronic book (The exact image of the online version), however it contains the full story of each headline, and may contain additional data and information. This software is a freeware that can be freely copied and distributed. The bulletin is updated every month, that is to say a new version is released every month. The downloaded version does not contain an archive of the previously released versions. (Click here to download the current version). The downloaded material is a zip file that contain two files (the bul.exe file and autorun.inf file), The bul.exe file is the software or the Ebook that can be run from the hard drive or CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives. The autorun.inf is the auto-run file that when saved together with the bul.exe file to a CD-R, The bulletin will start automatically from the CD as soon as the CD drive is closed.

Every attempt will be made to reduce the size of the downloadable version, and its size will be in general less than 5 MB for a faster download.

(Click here to download the current version)